Monday, 4 March 2013

I love my mum.

I now know how much my mum really cares for me. Ever since I had that massive argument with her, I've started to realize how hard she works each day and how much she wants to make every one in our family happy. I've been very selfish to ever think that all she ever did was push me to do chores and be continuously mean to me but all she wanted us to do was help her after a long and hard day of work. She works almost every day, for the whole day and I barely get to see her during the week.

Which is why I have to stay home and have my grandparents take care of me and my other two siblings. I really do think that my older sister and I can over react. Like when my mum asked us to come and help her with a few things and then we tend to say that we're busy and that we've got homework when we actually want to socialise and watch videos on YouTube. I don't do that anymore, just sayin. So please be aware that if you think your mum is giving you a hard time doing the things you love just know that she loves you and only wants the very best for you <3

Stay Strong ♡

I know that you might be going through some tough situations in life but you have to try and push all the negativity away. Whether you feel like giving up, just have faith in yourself because every single choice you make can affect your family and mates and especially your future. Every person gets bullied at least once in their lifetime and they might be going through the same experiences as you. But most people have learnt to keep their chins up and move on, so you truly deserve to feel this way too.